Project Description

Sales is difficult? Or not?

Of course, it depends on whom you ask. However, most people (not everyone!) believe and find that selling their products, services, or even ideas, is tough. Or a company tries to sell but is getting disappointing results. Often, people blame it on the market: ‘I can’t help it, it’s a tough market!’. What is going on here?

We have come across multiple causes for these frustrating outcomes (no, this list is not exhaustive):

  • Many times it starts with not knowing where to find your prospects, and, after that, who they are. Or the other way around.
  • Once you know who your prospects are, you don’t know how to approach them. For example, many people are afraid of ‘cold’ calling and/or don’t know what to say.
  • By the time you have approached them, you don’t know how to make a deal. Often, the person who wants to sell something is giving the prospect the idea that he/she is buying, instead of giving the idea of solving a problem or fulfilling a need.
  • And what about the follow-up after a meeting or agreement? I thought you were going to call that customer and make that proposal!
  • You don’t have enough knowledge of the market, culture, language of the customer and of the customer/prospect him-/herself. How can you ever fulfill a need if you don’t know what it is or you are not able to discover it?
  • You don’t spend enough time with your current customers or you don’t have enough personal contact. Mere contact can push sales. Yes it can.
  • You try to find your customers in the same and familiar markets instead of expanding your scope to other markets. Who else can benefit from what you can offer?
  • You focus on existing products and don’t explore what your company is capable of doing more. Your company might have much more skills or is producing more products than you think.
  • Existing customers have your attention, but you fail to continuously grow your customer base with new customers. Existing customers might leave; who is going to fill that gap? New customers often start small, but will grow over time, and they grow your company with them.

  • So, what should you or your salespeople improve to get better sales results?

    If you are not sure what to change for the better or how to change it, contact us for an informal and free meeting and we will gladly help you to get ahead.