Project Description

QuickRack is a Dutch company founded in 2007. With a small team of merely 6 individuals they are trying to conquer the world…

In the Netherlands, they are a renowned supplier of wooden racks and small shelves. Specifically for projects, offices, and shop furnishing, in various industries and sectors. The racks and shelves made of pinewood contribute to a professional character, and can be expanded endlessly. Only natural materials are used, which are easy to recycle.

A good analysis, superb preparation and the right choice of commercial methods have made QuickRack one of the better producers of wooden racks in the Benelux.They are not only great producers, they are also growing quickly, nationally as well as internationally. A down-to-earth approach, simplicity, and high-quality standards help QuickRack taking their warm looks to the market.

With an effective and small team, QuickRack already supplies companies in 8 different countries with their wooden racks and shelves: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Latvia, and Japan.

Who’s next? /

We are proud that QuickRack decided to let SPM-Group support them in their success.