Project Description

A simple question, a term frequently used, but what does it actually mean? I have noticed that there are many, slightly different, opinions about this.

We are talking about development here. So, a question you could ask yourself is: ‘What do I want to develop?’.

In many companies it’s all about ‘more sales’.

Imagine that it is actually about an increase of sales and turnover. What effect can you expect on the demand for production?

Logically this will increase as well, right? And might this affect quality? More production, another method of keeping accounts, perhaps new knowledge, different machines etc. are examples of internal changes due to more sales.

A higher demand in production asks for resources; more production often means more costs and possibly investments. Costs for man hours, raw materials, maintenance, etc. Investments, for example, in new machines.

And all of this needs to be managed.

In my opinion, all of it together is business development. Even though the idea generally begins with more sales and turnover, the whole organization needs to be developed in order to be successful.