Project Description

This week two large fairs are organized in Germany: Domotex (floors) in Hannover and IMM (interiors) in Cologne. It is striking to notice that every year, for the last couple of years, these fairs seem to attract a constantly decreasing amount of visitors and exhibitors. This year’s fairs occupy 50% of last year’s area, and last year it was 30% of the year before…

If you ask the exhibitors at these fairs about their objectives for attending, they generally say that they are looking for new customers. With the knowledge of what’s mentioned above, do you think that’s going to work? And do they get a good return on investment (fairs are not cheap!)?

These same exhibitors all ask a clear question: how do we get new customers?

Why is it hard to find new customers? Why don’t companies know how to get new customers? Why are their efforts not successful?

Perhaps the commercial strategy of these companies is not well designed. Yes, could be, but there is more to it.

What strikes us, is that almost no one is really active in sales. Yes, they are attending a fair, go to the occasional networking event, or rely on their current customers. But that’s waiting for the prey to get caught in a trap, in your back yard.

Getting new customers is like hunting. Decide which prey you want to shoot. Localize it. Take the appropriate hunting gear with you. Track it down (this means you actually have to move). Aim and shoot.

I’m not a killer, but we all need to eat.

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